High Council of State decries bias of Arab League, calls for changing location of its HQ

High Council of State session in Tripoli. [Photo: Social Media]
The High Council of State (HCS) has denounced the statement of the Secretary General of the Arab League in which he described mistakingly the foreign intervention in Libya as (Foreign outside the Arab world).

In a statement on Friday, the HCS said the statements of the Arab League and its Secretary General have become agenda-driven by Egypt and the countries allying with it in ways that do nothing to help and assist the Arab countries in crisis.

It added that the Arab League didn’t propose any initiative since the start of Khalifa Haftar’s offensive on Tripoli to resolve the conflict that has been for nine months causing deaths and injuries among civilians.

The statement also says that Egypt is the headquarters of the Arab League and it is the biggest supporter of Haftar and his crimes against the legitimacy in Libya.

“Bias of the Arab League has become evident in its service to the agendas of Egypt in violation of its own charter. The headquarters should be changed from Cairo as it is unfit for such a responsibility toward the Arab world.” The statement reads.

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