Huawei’s dilemma reaches Libya’s tech market

Google has banned Huawei from using its Android system. [Photo: Internet]
The impact of the Google decision to ban Huawei from using its Android system and the US restrictions on the Chinese tech giant has reached Libya casting fear in the sell-buy market of mobile phones.

Over the last two years, at least, most Libyans have been preferring Huawei to Samsung and Apple, mostly for Huawei’s relatively cheap prices.

However, over the last days, Libyans have been putting out their mobile phones for selling both in the market and on the internet, mainly on Facebook groups or on Libya Open Sooq site – an online selling and buying website popular among Libyans.

This has made the prices of Huawei mobile phones go down rapidly in Libya, in addition to some people  trying to swop their phones.

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