Human Rights Solidarity slams Presidential Council military promotion as “reckless”

  • Libyan Express |
  • Sunday 25 February 2018
Human Rights Solidarity in Libya (HRS) commented on the Presidential Council recent order to promote 51 military officers for their work in the “Libyan army” saying it illegitimate as it breaks away from Law 11 of 2012 and the Libyan Political Agreement as well as all the international laws.
In a statement on its Facebook page on Friday, the HRS said that the promotion of the officers, especially Brigadiers Faraj Al-Barasi and Masoud Erhouma Al-Furjani, among others, is not lawful as those two are accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity, which by international laws, don’t escape punishment over the lapse of time.
The human rights body said that Al-Barasi and Al-Furjani both cracked down on demonstrators during February 17 revolution in cities like Al-Zawiya and Al-Bayda and the former also joined Operation Dignity of Khalifa Haftar and ordered the destruction of civilian houses of Haftar’s opponents.
HRS criticized the move of the Presidential Council, and urged it to withdraw the promotion saying this is understood as a reward for those “criminals for their war crimes and crimes against humanity.”
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