Human Rights Watch condemns France’s delivery of coast guard boats to Libya

Human Rights Watch. [Photo: Internet]
Human Rights Watch has lashed out at France for its delivery of four boats for the Libyan Coast Guard in a new report issued on Wednesday. 

Human Rights Watch said France should suspend delivery of its boats until Libyan authorities end the arbitrary detention and abuse of migrants.

“And instead of fuelling a relentless cycle of abuse, France should work with other EU Member States to maintain rescue operations at sea and allow disembarkation in a safe port as vulnerable people will continue to flee Libya’s horrors.” The report adds.

The report remarked that the EU’s efforts to prevent migrants leaving Libya for Europe significantly increase the risk that migrants will be exposed to abusive detention in Libya.

“Providing material support to the LCG while being fully aware of these consequences implicates France’s responsibility for serious human rights violations.” Human Rights Watch added.

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