In an international show of support, top European diplomats visit Libya

German, Italian and French Foreign Ministers visit Libya in a clear show of support for the country's newly appointed government

The visit by EU representatives sends a clear message of support for Libya’s new Government. [Photo: GNU]
The streets of Tripoli this Thursday were packed with traffic as security forces cleared the main roads for the arrival of the country’s largest diplomatic visit in a decade.

The Foreign Ministers of Italy, France, and Germany collectively announced their visit just a day prior after French president Emmanuel Macron announced the reopening of the French embassy in Libya this week.

The three European ministers in the country’s capital is a clear show of the EU’s support for the newly formed Government of National Unity (GNU).

Libya’s Foreign Ministers welcoming the EU’s delegation. [Photo: GNU]

Libya’s first-ever female Foreign Minister Najla Mangoush and the country’s Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Debaiba welcomed the ministers upon their arrival.

A joint press conference followed, with Libya’s Foreign Minister welcoming the European delegation’s visit and its support for Libyan progress in keeping with the road map set by the United Nations-led Libyan Political Dilgoaue Forum in Tunis.

Mangoush in her speech stressed the importance of reinstating the country’s national sovereignty with the removal of all foreign actors from Libyan soil, calling the elimination of all mercenary forces a ‘non-negotiable’ step for Libya’s new government.

The sentiment was emphasised by the European delegation who confirmed the significance of removing all foreign forces from Libya, referring to the Russian Wagner group, the Janjaweed mercenaries and paid Syrian mercenaries still refusing to depart the country’s grounds despite the deadline for their withdrawal having passed.

Concluding the joint presser Mangoush stated that she and fellow ministers discussed multiple aspects of cooperation between Libya and Europe, most importantly the return of foreign embassies and consulates, easing the process of travel and granting visas to Libyans and rebuilding international confidence in Libya and its upcoming elections.

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