In Libya’s Benghazi, man breaks police car window to regain sized smuggled money

Man attacks police car and retrieves money they confiscated at the airpot when he was trying to smuggle it to Egypt

A man known as a money smuggler in Benghazi has been seen on the Benina airport CCTV camera tapes dashing into a police car and breaking its window to retrieve a million euros he was smuggling though the Benghazi-Based airport but seized by the customs. 

Police at the airport intercepted the man and seized the money as he was trying to board a flight to Egypt.

However, the man went out of the airport and called his mob to regain the money.

A video went viral on social media showing the man breaking the police car window with his weapon (Kalashnikov) and then regained the million euros and departed with his friend mobsters.

The incident has been deplored by many activists and ordinary Libyans, however; no official explanation has been made yet.

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