Indiscriminate warplanes bombed Derna residential neighborhood


Unknown fighter jets have carried out air strikes on Bab Tobruk neighborhood near kidney diseases center in Derna city Sunday dawn, killing four civilians.

The four civilians were two young men, a child, and a woman, who got killed due to the indiscriminate air strike that caused tremendous damage to the buildings surrounding the target, including Omar Aben Al-Khattab mosque that is located in Al-Zuhoor area in Bab Tobruk neighborhood.

Sources say that the two killed men are Waleed Bu Khitwa and Al-Mahdi Al-Mansouri, and the woman is from Al-Shaeri family, while the child was from Al-Dirssi family.

Last year, Egyptian air force warplanes carried out deadly airstrikes on Al-Shiha neighborhood in Derna leaving several deaths and injuries.

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