Iran warns citizens of involvement in “illegal” protests

Protests rally in western Iran (Photo: Internet)

Iran’s government has told people to avoid “illegal gatherings” after two days of angry anti-establishment protests in the country.

Tens of Iranians have been arrested in protests over corruption and living standards, according to the BBC, adding that anonymous social media posts have urged further action across Iran on Saturday.

But Interior Minister Abdolrahman Rahmani Fazli urged people “not to participate in these illegal gatherings as they will create problems for themselves and other citizens,” the BBC said.

The Iranian authorities are blaming anti-revolutionaries and agents of foreign powers for the outbreak of anti-establishment protest.

In America, the Trump administration warned Iran overnight that the world was watching its response.

Meanwhile, thousands of pro-government demonstrators attended rallies on Saturday.

These official rallies were organised in advance of the anti-government protests, to mark the eighth anniversary of the suppression of major street protests, according to the BBC.

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