ISIS claims responsibility for car bomb attack on Karama forces

Benghazi (internet)
Benghazi (internet)

A car bomb killed five members of security forces loyal to Dignity Operation (Karama) in the eastern city of Benghazi Friday, officials said, in an attack claimed by the Islamic State group.

Military spokesman of Karama Colonel Abdullah al-Shahaafi told AFP that the blast in the Hawari district of the city killed four pro-government forces.

But LANA news agency which is close to the Tobruk parliament said five members of the security forces were killed.

ISIS claimed the attack in a statement posted on Islamist websites, saying that more than 25 were killed and that it targeted forces of General Khalifa Haftar, the Tobruk parliament’s chief of staff and leader of Dignity Operation.

LANA also reported on Friday the death of a sixth member of the Karama forces of the Tobruk parliament in a landmine blast in Benghazi.

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