Italian Foreign Minister: Italy recognizes GNA as the only legitimate government in Libya

The Italian Foreign Minister. [Photo: Internet]
The Italian Foreign Minister Enzo Milanesi has reiterated his country’s commitment to communicating with all Libyan parties to end the conflict in the country.

Italian news agency AKI reported the Minister from Rome as saying that Italy is gravely concerned about the military operations in Tripoli and their impact on Libyans and on illegal immigration.

He also said that illegal immigrants’ flow to Italy via Libya had not increased lately, yet Italy is extremely concerned about the development of the situation on the ground in Libya.

The Italian Foreign Minister indicated that there should be a comprehensive dialogue that gathers all Libyan parties to find a solution to the crisis.

“Let it be clear that Italy recognizes the Government of National Accord as the only legitimate body in Libya led by Fayez Al-Sirraj.” Milanesi added.

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