Italian security members assault Libyan journalists at Mitiga Airport

AP Photo/Angelo Carconi
AP Photo/Angelo Carconi

Libyan Center for Freedom of Press condemned Thursday the assault by Italian security members on Libyan journalists at Mitiga airport in Tripoli Wednesday, with both Italian and Libyan Foreign Ministries’ delegates present, as they were carrying out press reports about the transfer of the two Italian dead bodies killed by ISIS in Sabratha city.

The center assured that this incident is one of kind in history because the foreign (Italian) security members attacked the Libyan journalists despite the presence of the Libyan security forces who only rescued the journalists away.

It also called on Italian Foreign Ministry to condemn this criminal incident as it is always chanting slogans of freedom and human rights, urging as well Mitiga airport authorities to clarify the incident.

In addition, the Associated Press Libyan photographer, Mohammed Ben Khalifa, was prevented from shooting at the airport and was abused verbally by swearwords from the Italian security members without clear reasons, even though he stated that he had been authorized to shoot by the airport security.

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