Italy sends Libyan Navy “Fezzan Boat” as part of maritime cooperation

  • Libyan Express |
  • Sunday 21 October 2018

The boat Fezzan arrives in Tripoli (Photo: Libyan Navy on Facebook)

The Libyan Naval Force has received a boat from Italian Naval Force (Fezzan Boat) with 14 coastguard personnel from Libya onboard, the spokesman of the navy Ayoub Qassim announced Sunday.

Qassim told reporters that he boat is not part of 2008 cooperation agreement, but a boat made in Italy and will be used in Libya to help fight human trafficking, smuggling, and illegal immigration.

He also added that the Italian Naval Force will send another boat after four weeks so the Libyan coastguards can continue to do patrols and surveillance monitoring the waters against illegal activities.

Libya and Italy have been doing joint efforts in the last years to combat growing human trafficking and illegal immigration off the Libyan coast.

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