Italy’s Prime Minister calls for ceasefire in Libya in meeting with Haftar

Italy has condemned the attack on Tripoli led by Khalifa Haftar.

Haftar and Conte in Rome (Photo: Internet)

The Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte met Thursday morning with Khalifa Haftar, who has been leading an offensive on the capital Tripoli to seize power, and discussed with him the ongoing fighting and the need to reach a ceasefire. 

Conte and Haftar’s meeting was held in Rome on the margins of an event and took over two hours, according to Conte’s statements to reporters.

The Italian Prime Minister also said that his country is confident that Libyan parties can resolve their conflicts in a political way outside the scope of war and destruction.

Haftar was doing Umrah in Saudi Arabia – Mecca – over the last three days and according to reports, he may have met with Saudi officials for more support for his offensive.

He is yet expected to visit France and meet with President Emmanuel Macron. France, like Saudi Arabia, UAE and Egypt are the most prominent supporters of Haftar, especially his Tripoli offensive.

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