Japanese train station operates just for one passenger


The company has been praised for the thoughtful gesture which is due to stop this March when the girl finishes school

A bullet train leaves JR Tokyo Station in the snow on February 8, 2014 Getty
A bullet train leaves JR Tokyo Station in the snow on February 8, 2014 Getty


A train has been travelling to and from a remote station in northern Japan just to bring a schoolgirl to class every day.

The Japanese train company has been praised for its commitment to customer service after it emerged that it arrives every morning and evening at the remote Kami-Shirataki station to ensure the teenager makes it to class.

Every schoolday for the last three years, the train has arrived at 7:04am to collect its single passenger and returned again at 5:08pm to bring her home.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the railway company had initially planned to close the station three years ago because of the lack of demand.

However, after it realised the schoolgirl relied on it every day, it decided to maintain the service until she finishes school.

The railway group has been praised for the thoughtful step and for prioritising customer needs before company profits.

The girl, who has not been named, is due to finish her studies this March. The station will subsequently officially close on 26 March.

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