John Kerry: The US welcomes Presidential Council’s arrival in Tripoli

John Kerry - Presidential Council - Libyan News

The United States Secretary of State has welcomed the Libyan Presidency Council’s arrival in Tripoli on March 30.

He said, the Libyan people, supported by the United States and our partners in the international community, have worked toward this moment for nearly two years, so the Government of National Accord can now begin the crucial work of addressing the full range of Libya’s political, security, economic, and humanitarian challenges.

‘We reiterate calls by the Libyan Political Dialogue and the international community for all Libyan public institutions to facilitate and support a peaceful and orderly transition in the capital, and we urge all Libyans to support the Government of National Accord.” Kerry added.

He explained that now is not the time for obstructionists to hold back progress, but rather for all Libyans throughout the country to embrace this historic opportunity for a peaceful and more prosperous Libya.

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