Justice and Construction Party: Serraj’s visit to Haftar both acceptable and unacceptable

  • Libyan Express |
  • Monday 1 February 2016


Libyan Express

The Head of Justice and Construction Party, Muhammad Sawan, said that Fayiz Al-Serraj’s visit to Khalifa Haftar is unacceptable if Haftar was to be considered the Commander of the General Staff forces, but if the visit was aiming at finding a solution to the conflict with the warring parties and Haftar is one of them, then no harm, as he stated.

“The position of the Commander in Chief must be included in the Presidential Council after the parties approve the Government of the National Accord.” Indicated Sawan.

He underscored that the approval of the PC by the House of the Representatives in Tobruk is very positive, saying that calling for the removal of article (08) or other articles from the Skhirat agreement is illegal by law and by the agreement itself.

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