Libya boycotts Beirut Arab summit over “humiliation act” toward its flag in Lebanon

A man holding the Libyan independence flag adopted by February revolution

Libya will not participate in the Arab Economic and Social Development summit in Beirut this weekend, Libya’s foreign minister reportedly said in an interview with a Libyan TV channel Sunday night.

Amal Movement leader Speaker Nabih Berri has been calling for the summit to be postponed over Libya’s participation, and Amal supporters Sunday tore down a Libyan flag near Beirut’s Biel Center, where the summit is slated to be held, replacing it with their own.

“The official delegation is not participating due to Lebanese authorities in Beirut’s airport preventing Libyan businessmen from entering and to protest the offending of the Libyan flag.” Mohammed Sayala said.

Libya’s High Council of State has also called for freezing diplomatic ties with Lebanon in response to the flag incident.

Local media had reported that Amal supporters were also threatening to cut off Beirut’s Airport Road to prevent the Libyan delegation from reaching the summit venue if they were to arrive in the country.

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