Libya: Haftar’s ally city ‘Tarhouna’ asked to change loyalties 

Tarhouna Protection Force’s Press Conference in Tripoli. [Photo: Screen grab]
Tarhouna Protection Force of the Presidential Council’s Volcano of Rage Operation has called on its local fighters who are engaged in the fighting for Tripoli alongside Khalifa Haftar’s forces to withdraw, saying Haftar’s war on Tripoli is a failure. 

This call for abandoning Haftar’s forces came in a press conference for the leaders of Tarhouna Protection Force on Friday in Tripoli.

The Force said Tarhouna is suffering from shortages in foods and other basic services, plus a hike in prices after most men in the city have joined the fighting alongside Haftar’s forces, whom they said are backed by foreign countries.

“We are with the free people of Libya in the battle of Volcano of Rage Operation against the attacking forces and we call on Tarhouna leaderships to avoid the city this kind of sedition and withdraw from Haftar’s forces.” The Force said in a presser.

It reaffirmed that all those who raised arms against their fellow citizens and their fellow Tarhouna residents will not be forgiven as they will be brought to justice, adding that the coming days will see a positive U-turn in the battle.

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