Libya has no pistachio farms: wake up France 24, say Libyans

An African migrant on France 24 TV (Photo: Screen Grab from France 24 TV)

France 24 aired Friday a report in which an African illegal immigrant claimed he was sold four times in Libya to work in pistachio farms in south of the country.

This claim has been as funny as it has been shocking to hear in Libya, as the country has not even one single pistachio farm and is indeed an active importer of the pistachio from all around the world, especially Turkey.

Likewise, social media activists and users mocked France 24 report and the claims of the African migrant, saying “he did not have enough with claiming to be a slave in Libya, but also he claimed to be sold to work in pistachio farms in the desert! How is that possible?”

Of course the report of France 24 was aimed at showing Libya as a country where African illegal immigrants are being sold for little money, following the claims of a CNN report that there were slave auctions in parts of the country.

Meanwhile, Libyan authorities including the Presidential Council, the Foreign and Interior Ministries have issued condemnations of the act if it ever happened, saying that such violations would be committed by human traffickers, adding that there had been an investigation into the matter and the perpetrators would be brought to justice, if the claims were true.

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