Libya mayors threaten to form unity government of their own

The first forum of municipalities of Libya in the eastern city of Shahat (Photo: Internet)

Mayors of 109 Libyan municipalities threatened on Tuesday to declare civil disobedience and form a national government if political division persisted any longer in Libya.

As per the final statement of the first forum of municipalities of Libya in the eastern city of Shahat, the mayors demanded the UN envoy to Libya Ghassan Salame to “speed up ending the political deadlock and assume his responsibilities by taking necessary measures to resolve the situation and pushing for urgent presidential and parliamentary elections.”

“The House of Representatives and the High Council of State must assume their historic responsibilities and end the current political division so they can form a national unity government,” the statement said.

The municipalities will be forced to face this issue with tougher decisions in case this demand is not met, the mayors said, adding that the next meeting will be in Tripoli to escalate the situation and take a number of procedures, including call for civil disobedience and form a government of national unity.

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