Libya rejects UK’s intention to use frozen assets to compensate IRA victims

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Presidential Council rejected Monday Britain’s intention to use the frozen Libyan assets in London to compensate victims of attacks by the Irish Republican Army (IRA.)

The Presidential Council said it refuses the intention of the British House of Commons to vote on a decision taking advantages of Libya’s frozen funds in London to compensate the victims of the IRA attacks, of which Gaddafi’s former regime was accused of supporting,” Al-Sirraj’s media office said in a statement on Monday.

Members of the British House of Commons recently submitted a formal request to discuss a bill obliging Libya to pay financial compensation to victims of attacks by the IRA.

“We consider this as a serious step. Making such a decision is violation of the international law and of Libyan sovereignty. It is also a precedent on which others might rely to put their hands on other countries’ funds in the future,” the statement said.

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