Libya: Retaking Gharyan from Haftar’s forces stripped US, UAE bare

A Javelin anti-tank missile seized by Libyan Army from Haftar’s forces in Gharyan. [Photo: Social Media]
After seizing control of the main base for Khalifa Haftar’s forces to the battle in southern Tripoli, Gharyan city, the Libyan Army forces of the Government of National Accord (GNA) have discovered weapons, vehicles, ammunition and modern military devises that speak loud and clear about the countries backing up the attack on Tripoli against the civilian state and the legitimacy. 

The Libyan Army forces found a number of United States-made and UAE-purchased Javelin anti-tank missiles – at least four – which cost more than $170,000 each.

Markings on the missiles’ shipping containers indicate that they were originally sold to the United Arab Emirates, an important American partner, in 2008.

The UAE had transferred the weapons to Haftar for his war on Tripoli, which has so far killed hundreds and injured thousands, leaving about 100.000 people displaced and hundreds of properties destroyed.

According to several local and international lawyers and legal activists, the UAE’s delivery of such missiles to Haftar is a violation of the sales agreement with the United States as well as a United Nations arms embargo.

Officials at the US State Department and Defense Department said Friday they had opened investigations into how the weapons ended up on the Libyan battlefield, according to US media and news outlets.

“We take all allegations of misuse of U.S. origin defense articles very seriously,” a State Department official said in a statement.

“We are aware of these reports and are seeking additional information. We expect all recipients of U.S. origin defense equipment to abide by their end-use obligations.” The official added, New York Times reported.

Over 40 fighters from haft’s forces were killed and placed at the hospital of Gharyan just in battle for about 6 hours that helped the GNA-command forces to seize the main base of Haftar’s forces and handed them a very major blow, leaving them cornered in their last bastion in western Libya: Tarhouna.

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