Libya Shura Elders Council: Yes to Libyan-Libyan dialogue, No to GNA


The Libya Shura Elders Council has announced that it rejects the Government of National Accord describing it as a government born from a “sterile agreement”, which won’t fit the current crisis.

9f0b6d0fd43889c01484ccee238d37afIn a statement, the Council reaffirmed that Libya is a unified country that has its own sovereignty and that the UN is not its guardian as Libya is a member in the UN just like all other countries.

“We call on the UNSMIL’s head in Libya, Martin Kobler, to abide by his mission’s boundaries and respect the UN charter codes.” The Council added.

It also clarified that rejects the Skhirat agreement and its outcomes as they are ambiguous and unclear, stating its support for the Libyan-Libyan dialogue and its 21-member committee as they could provide a comprehensive solution to the political crisis in Libya.


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