Libyan airline companies triple flight tickets’ prices

A Libyan Airlines plane (Photo: Internet)

The Libyan Airlines and Afriqiyah Airways have both agreed to raise the prices of the tickets threefold, citing the impact of the Presidential Council’s decision to slap 183% fees on dollar purchase transactions. 

The Libyan Airlines said on its Facebook page that its talks with the government and the PC had failed to reach an exemption of the company from buying dollars for the new tax-added prices (3.90 dinars per one dollar.)

Likewise, Afriqiyah Airways announced that the fact that it has not been exempted from the additional fees for buying dollars from the Central Bank compels it to raise the price of tickets three times higher.

By the new increase, a ticket from Libya to Tunisia will cost over 1700 dinars while it costs now about 500 dinars, whereas a ticket to Turkey from Libya will coast over 2700 dinars, knowing that it costs now about 1000 dinars.

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