Libyan Democratic Party decries Western countries’ stance regarding Libya’s conflict

Head of Libya’s Democratic Party Ahmed Shebani. [Photo: Internet]
The Democratic Party said Wednesday that it finds it rather incomprehensible that some Western democracies which respect human rights and the rule of law are nowadays making a habit of issuing joint political statements with some despotic Arab regimes regarding Libya.

“We Libyans find this to be offensive to the extreme and an infringement on our national dignity, for these regimes have no respect for democracy, human rights and the rule of law.” The party said in a statement.

Furthermore, the statement added that the Western countries are directly complicit in destabilizing Libya by fuelling the current conflict.

“To add insult to injury that one of these Arab states has recently been invited to endorse a truce during the Eid Al-Ad’ha holiday declined to do so.” The statement explained.

The Democratic Party said it would appreciate it if Western democracies will refrain from such action in the future.

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