Libyan Foreign Bank wins Tunisian court case against LMS

LFB (Photo: Archive)

The Libyan Foreign Bank (LFB) has won the lawsuit that was filed by LMS company against it at Tunisian courts.

The LFB announced in its statement that after three years of tracking this case at the Tunisian courts, they won the appeal verdict and the court annulled the preliminary verdict ordering legal compensations to be made to the LFB by LMS.

LMS claimed to have given loans to the LFB worth $108.700.000.00 and the Tunisian judiciary then allowed the company to have a preliminary freezing on the LFB’s assets in Tunisia.

the LFB concluded its statement by extending thanks to all the Libyan state institutions that helped the bank win the case at the Tunisian courts, which proved to be fair and just, according to the LFB.

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