Libyan Interior Minister refutes rumors about dialogue between Misurata and Haftar

Fathi Bashagha – Libya’s Interior Minister. [Photo: Internet]
The rumors about a dialogue between leaders of armed factions in the city of Misurata and Khalifa Haftar and his General Command in east Libya are just untrue and ‘daydreams’, said the Libyan Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha.

Bashagha spoke to reporters over the weekend and denied that such news is of any truth, adding that Misurata has sacrificed the most since 2011 revolution against Gaddafi and up to all the fighting for Libya, including defeating ISIS terrorists in Sirte.

“Misurata is for the civilian and democratic state and institution. This cannot be negotiated and thus the city will never sit on one table with Haftar who is trying to seize power by force to establish a new family rule and a new authoritarianism.” Bashagha added.

Media outlets affiliated with Haftar have recently said that there are negotiations between Misurata leaderships and Haftar’s General Command in eastern Libya to sit for dialogue provided that Misurata withdraws all armed groups under the Government of National Accord from the frontlines of Tripoli fighting.

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