Libyan lawmakers hold parliament meeting in Egypt

House of Representatives in Libya [Photo: Archive – Social Media]
Egypt hosted on Saturday a meeting of members of the Libyan House  of Representatives based in Tobruk to unite their visions and efforts for the settlement of war-torn Libya’s crisis, official MENA news agency reported.

Held at the headquarters of Egypt’s House of Representatives in Cairo, the meeting of Libyan lawmakers is the second such hosted by Egypt after a previous one in July.

First deputy speaker of Egypt’s parliament, Al-Sayed Mahmoud al-Sherif, stressed in his opening remarks of the session that “Egypt’s parliament, people and president support Libya’s campaign to eradicate terrorism and maintain the unity and integrity of its territories.”

He added that Egypt rejects all forms of foreign intervention in Libya’s domestic affairs.

For his part, deputy speaker of Libya’s parliament, Fawzi al-Nuwairi, described Libya’s relations with Egypt as “historical.”

“Libya is going through a crisis,” said the Libyan senior lawmaker, expressing hope in Egypt’s position that supports Libya’s stability and anti-terror war and tries to bring Libyan visions closer via national dialogue for a settlement.

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