Libyan National February 17 Revolutionaries Conference launched

Libyan National Conference for February 17 Revolutionaries (Photo: Internet)

Al-Zawiya city hosted on Saturday the first meeting of the Libyan National Conference of February 17 Revolutionaries to discuss new initiatives based on dialogue and peaceful solution without foreign intervention. 

The conference utterly rejected the return to military rule and any type of foreign intervention in the domestic affairs of Libya.

It also stressed on the need for maintaining Libya’s oil and gas resources and protecting them from illegal selling, adding that calls for operating Libyan into three regions are not welcome and can never be materialized as Libyans are united and don’t wish to be divided.

The statement called for forming the Libyan National Gathering for all revolutionaries of February 17 and all those who care for its principles, saying the door is open for all free Libyans to join.

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