Libyan PM promises to deliver vaccines at any cost

Libya’s new PM expresses unhappiness with how the Covid-19 situation had been handled in the country, dissolves previous committee and vows to protect the Libyan people and deliver the vaccines

The PM dissolves the committee assigned to handle the Covid-19 situation. [Photo: GNU]
Libya’s Prime Minister was not in the mood for celebration following his confirmation by the Libyan parliament last week as he addressed the nation, speaking about the incompetence with which the country’s covid-19 situation was handled by previous authorities.

In a speech during the National Covid-19 Conference and Exhibition in Tripoli, he stated that no real work has been done to combat the spread of the virus and that his government will seek a different more efficient approach in protecting Libyan lives against the deadly disease that’s claimed over 2 thousand lives so far.

He also noted that despite massive amounts of funding going to combating the virus, no real results were produced and the virus continues to spread at an alarming rate.

He addressed the vaccines that have yet to arrive, stating that Libya was “very very late” in obtaining doses of the vaccines and promised that it was his Government’s priority to deliver the vaccines as soon as possible at whatever cost it may be.

Debaiba indicated that his government will consider the deaths of Coronavirus in Libya “martyrs just like those who were killed defending the country.”

The PM also noted that while the Libyan public deserves all the protection, it must hold itself accountable for the lack of awareness and precautions in day to day life, noting that Libyans everywhere are socializing as if there was no pandemic is dangerous an insult to those who lost their lives to this virus.

The Prime Minister promised he will make wearing a mask and taking Covid-19 precautions a compulsory matter and to spread more awareness about the effects of this virus to better educate the public.

In relevant news, Debiba in one of his first executive decrees dissolved the Scientific Committee to Combat Coronavirus Pandemic formed by former prime Minister Serraj for failure to meet its assigned duties and responsibilities of slowing down the spread of the virus and providing the country with vaccines in the designated deadline.

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