Libyan strongman forcing people to sign recommendation for him to become president

Khalifa Haftar – the commander of Operation Dignity (Photo: Libyan News)

According to eyewitnesses and sources from Benghazi, the forces of Operation Dignity led by Khalifa Haftar, have started forcing people into signing a recommendation letter that says they wish to have Hatar as president of Libya for the next four years.

Sources wrote on social media in Libya that many pro-Haftar fighters stopped the people on the streets on Wednesday and even woke them up in their houses at night to force them into signing their full names on a recommendation that says Haftar should be president for the next four years.

No more details were posted about the issue and no official response from the eastern authorities or Haftar’s so-called general command was given about the incident.

The Libyan News could not verify the issue yet.

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