Libyan Tripoli-based CBL says Libya is witnessing thorough economic reform

Libyan Central Bank (CBL) (Photo: Internet)
The Tripoli-based Central Bank of Libya (CBL) has issued a statement detailing the results of the latest efforts it had done to regain the value of Libyan dinar and to boost the country’s economy.
The CBL assured all Libyans that prices of goods and foods are on the ascending as it will keep up with the same line of giving letters of credit to businesspersons to cover the needs of the Libyan market.
“We are going to collaborate with the Presidential Council in order to carry out comprehensive reform in the Libyan economic sector, especially by supporting and funding energy, infrastructure, housing, cement projects, among others.” The CBL statement reads.
It also indicated that the cashing out of the dollars sold to the Libyan families is going very smoothly and “the CBL will make sure the process will remain facilitated and also make sure that those families which did not finish the transaction in 2017 will be able to finish it in 2018.”
“Money transfers will be boosted for study and health care abroad for Libyans, while we will be working g on a system that allows all the foreigners in public and private medical sectors to transfer money at the CBL rates to their countries, in addition to foreigners in sectors like education and other vital fields.” The statement explains.
The Tripoli-based CBL also said that it will continue to support the online and mobile phone payment systems and make sure that the businessperson receive the money needed out of such transactions in time and without hindrances.
CBL Statement
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