Libyan warlord recruited African mercenaries for ongoing fighting in Libya’s south

Khalifa Haftar giving a speech on December 17, 2017. (Photo: Screen garb.)
The commander of the Sixth Brigade Infantry Ahmeid Al-Ataybi, said the clashes in Sabha, Libya’s south, is between Operation Dignity forces led by Khalifa Haftar and forces loyal Government of National Accord (GNA.)
The fight in Libya’s Sabha is not between tribes, he explained.
Al-Ataybi told Tanasuh TV Channel on Wednesday that the Sixth Brigade Infantry is part of the Defense Ministry of the GNA and the other side of the clashes are groups loyal to so-called general command of Libyan army led by Haftar in eastern Libya.
“We call on the Presidential Council to issue a statement condemning the attack on the Sixth Brigade Infantry and we call on all free revolutionaries to help our fighters in defending Sabha and the south.” He added.
“We have not received any support or calls from the GNA or its Defense Ministry.” Al-Ataybi further added.
He accused Haftar of being the mastermind of the clashes in the south and of recruiting mercenaries from Chad, Niger and Sudan to help him control the south.
Sabha has been experiencing an unrest and continued clashes between two tribes: Tubu and Awlad Sulaiman, with the mayor escalating the issue on the media and saying it is a foreign occupation that is taking place in Sabha.
The latest week-long injuries and deaths details show that over 6 were killed and scores injured so far in the fighting, local media reported Thursday.

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