Libya’s ambassador to Burkina Faso denies any attacks on embassy officials

Meeting between Burkina Faso’s minister of foreign affairs and Libya’s ambassador in Burkina Faso
(Burkina Faso Ministry of Foreign Affairs- Facebook)

The Libyan ambassador in Burkina Faso, Abdel Rahman El Hadi Khadema, refuted all news about him and the staff of the embassy being attacked by citizens in Burkina Faso or harassed by the authorities there.

The Libyan ambassador said to the Libyan news agency that ” the news is completely and utterly false”, urging all media outlets to uphold accuracy and to report facts.

On Tuesday evening, a picture of a person’s face covered with bruises circulated on social media with claims it was the Libyan ambassador in Burkina Faso assaulted against the backdrop of the slave auction incident.

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