Libya’s capital only airport in function shut for fourth day

Clashes between the Special Deterrence Force in the airport and the Brigade 33 of Tajura have left over 11 killed and 23 injured. (Photo: Social Media)

The only functioning airport – Mitiga Airport – in Libya’s capital Tripoli remained shut for a third day on Wednesday after fierce clashes between armed groups damaged planes belonging to all four of the airlines that operate there.

Clashes erupted this morning between Brigade 33 led by Basheer Al-Bugra and the Special Deterrence Force that is operating the Mitiga Airport.

The Libyan Health Ministry of the Tripoli-based government reported last Monday that 20 people were killed and 63 others injured in the fierce fighting that erupted this morning around Mitiga Airport in Tripoli.

“Mitiga’s air space remains closed and it is up to the authorities to decide when it will be reopened,” the airport administration said in a short statement on Wednesday.

About two planes for Afriqiyah Airways were damaged considerably by the clashes at the airport, while reports from the security of the airport said over 9 planes were moved to the Tripoli International Airport for safety reasons.

A fight in 2014 left Tripoli International Airport inoperative till today, with Mitiga Airport becoming the last resort for flying in and out of the Libyan capital.

Reports on local media circulated an order by the Presidential Council to dissolve the attacking Brigade 33, but the Libyan News could not verify the reports yet.

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