Libya’s coastguards intercept 75 migrants on a dinghy off western coast

Illegal migrants from Africa arrive on shore after being rescued by the Libyan coast guard off the coastal town of Tajoura, 15 km east of the capital Tripoli on Tuesday. [ Photo: Archive – AFP]
75 migrants were intercepted by the coastguards off the coast of Libya’s capital, Tripoli

The coast guard of the country’s UN-recognized Government of National Accord (GNA) said Friday in a statement that the migrants  were planning to sail to Europe on an a dinghy and they were intercepted near Farwa island on the country’s western coast.

The statement said the migrants, including three women, were from Sudan, Somalia, Algeria, Morocco and some other African countries.

This comes after Libya’s Interior Minister Fathi Bashagha announced on Thursday that Libya is preparing for the shutdown of three of its biggest migration detention centers in Misrata, Tajoura and Al-Khoms.

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