Libya’s Derna under mass killing operation, residents send distress signal

  • Libyan Express |
  • Thursday 7 June 2018

A house bombed by Haftar’s forces in Derna (Photo: Social Media)

Libya’s eastern city of Derna is under a full-scale attack by forces of the self-styled army led by Khalifa Haftar with the assistance of foreign aircraft, including a French one as recent report revealed. 

Civilians in Derna have issued a distress call on Thursday following brutal and atrocious attacks on the city in which they say tens of residents were killed and some are still inside the destroyed houses as their families cannot pick them up from under the fire line.

The distress call urges local and international humanitarian organizations to come to the assistance of the civilians in Derna and calls on authorities and the international community to stop attackers led by warlord Haftar from bombing the city.

Photos on social media showed a child killed and his mother injured as shells fell on their house by the random attacks of Operation Dignity (Haftar’s self-styled army.)

The UN Security Council urged on Wednesday in a presidential statement on Libya all parties of the fighting in Derna to “exercise restraint.”

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