Libya’s eastern forces call UN delegate “opponent”

Salame meets Haftar in eastern Libya [Photo: Archive – UNSMIL]
Eastern self-styled army forces in Libya, which are headed by Khalifa Haftar, regarded Wednesday the UN envoy Ghassan Salame as an enemy contributing to the country’s violent crisis, as said spokesman Ahmed Al-Mismari in his press conference.

This criticism followed the UNSMIL’s expression of “deep concern” over a deployment last week to southern Libya of troops from Haftar’s forces.

Al-Mismari told reporters that Salame has turned into an opponent and has become part of the Libyan crisis, adding that the deployment of their forces to Sabha in southern Libya would boost security for populations and oilfields.

“Ghassan Salame should remember that this is a holy national duty and we will not leave Libya to be like Lebanon, a country of militias and multiple authorities,” he said, using Lebanon as an example as Salame is Lebanese.

Al-Mismari said the Salame had been surrounded by “graduates of Tora Bora,” the Afghan mountain hideout once used by the late al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden.

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