Libya’s Foreign Minister: GNA consents to Haftar’s appointment as commander in chief

Lev Dengov, Mohamed Taher Al-Sayala. (Valdai Discussion Club)

The minister of foreign affairs in the Government of National Accord (GNA), Mohammad Al-Sayala, said that neither the GNA nor its president, Faiz Al-Sarraj, will oppose the appointment of Khalifa Haftar as commander of the military if there is “a general consensus and understanding.”

Al- Sayala, who was a guest of the Russian discussion club Valdai said that negotiations are currently underway between Al-Saraj and Haftar to reach a kind of compromise, according to the Italian news agency Nova.

The Valdai Discussion Club, in the Moscow organized a round table on the Libyan situation, which was attended by the head of the Russian contact group on the intra-Libyan settlement Lev Dengov, and a number of Russian personalities and businessmen.

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