Libya’s Interior Ministry is dominated by parallel institution and forces

Joint presser for the Interior Minister, Foreign Minister and the PC spokesman (Photo: Internet)

The Interior Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA) Fathi Bashagha has told BBC Arabic that there are armed groups and forces, which are registered under the ministry’s command, who are implementing the agendas of outsiders and thus are dominating the decision making in political and economic fields in Tripoli. 

Bashagha said Friday that the armed forces don’t follow the orders of the interior ministry or those of the GNA, adding that they have their own budget and agendas and nobody can stand in their way.

“They have created a parallel interior ministry in Tripoli.” Bashagha revealed.

Many reports have disclosed before that the decision making in Tripoli is outside the hands of the Presidential Council and the GNA and it is solely controlled by the militias who are making decisions for the government in politics and in security as well as in economy.

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