Libya’s Interior Ministry to recruit 500 diplomatic security personnel to protect foreign embassies

Nawasi armored vehicle near Corinthia Hotel in Tripoli – Archive (Photo: Internet)

Libya’s Interior Ministry of the UN-backed government has approved to recruit 500 new members of the diplomatic security service responsible for protecting foreign embassies and missions in Libya, according to a security official on Monday.

Col. Wissam Al-Jama, head of the diplomatic security service, told Xinhua that this batch will receive substantial training and intensive lectures related to international relations knowledge.

He revealed last week that a number of EU embassies will reopen earlier this year.

Most foreign embassies and missions to Libya, including the UN Support Mission in Libya, moved to neighboring Tunisia in 2014 following the violent clashes in Tripoli between rival armed groups, which created the current political division in the country.

Foreign Minister Mohamed Sayala told Xinhua in November that 30 foreign embassies have already returned to Libya so far after more than three years of closure.

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