Libyan NAC investigates 121 companies operating in Tunisia

Libya’s NAC investigates Libyan companies over money laundering. [Social Media]
The consultant of Libyan National Anti-corruption Commission Mehadi Ben Jemaa revealed that, the Commission has requested from its Tunisian counterpart to provide data of 121 Libyan companies operating in Tunisia, suspected to be implicated in laundering money.

Ben Jemaa mentioned in statements to the press that, the matter relates to some information about the aforementioned companies regarding their works in Tunisia, not about the filed lawsuits which is the Judicial Authorities’ task.

The Head of Libyan Anti-corruption Commission, Noman Al-Sheikh stated that, the request came on the sidelines of the first Tunisian-Libyan Anti-corruption Forum which held in the capital city of Tunis, adding that the financial magnitude of the companies is unknown.

Al-Sheikh referred that, the forum which its agenda are going to be concluded on Wednesday, was included in the agreement which was signed between the two states in 2016.

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