Libya’s NOC provides Murzuq with humanitarian aids

Libya’s NOC sends assistance to Murzuq residents. [Photo: NOC]
In cooperation with the southern branch of the Libyan Humanitarian Relief Agency and the Municipal Council of Wadi Utba, the National Oil Corporation (NOC)’s sustainable development department has dispatched a relief shipment to the region of Murzuq in response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the area.

“Food and relief supplies arrived in Murzuq on Sunday, August 18, 2019, and were distributed to the many families displaced from their homes by the ongoing conflict.” The NOC said in a statement on Tuesday.

It added that in coordination with relevant authorities, the NOC is doing its best to meet the needs of those currently displaced and help alleviate the difficult circumstances in the city.

Murzuq has seen fierce clashes between Al-Ahaly backed up by Khalifa Haftar’s ground and air forces and the Tubu tribespeople, who have managed now after over 20 days of fighting to control the city as Haftar’s loyal forces withdrew from the town.

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