Libya’s Salah Badi likens himself to one of America’s founding fathers

Salah Badi compares himself to George Washington

The commander of Al-Sumood Brigade, Salah Badi, has likened himself to one of the founding fathers of the United Sates of America, in an interview with the Middle East Eye (MEE.)

Badi, who is a member of the General National Congress in Libya and a commander of forces during 2014 Fajr Libya (Libya Dawn) operation in Tripoli, has been listed for sanctions by the United Nations and Unites Sates’s Treasury Department.

The UN Security Council has sanctioned Badi citing his “role in undermining stability and security in Libya.”

Badi told the Middle East Eye this week that he is no different from George Washington – the first US President and founder of the USA – because he and Washington are both militia leaders.

“I am a patriot. George Washington was a militia guy and I told that to Americans I met, and he made the US after the civil war. The US which is leading the free world was established by a militia guy. I am like him.” Badi told MEE.

He added that for him, fighting is the only way that Libya’s problems will be solved.

“I don’t trust the UN or what UN is doing. Due to this UN-backed government, Libya is deteriorating every day economically, politically, everything sucks,” he explained.

Badi also told MEE that Khalifa Haftar has the east and the UN took the west of Libya through the UN-backed government led by Fayez Al-Sirraj, which forcibly got into Tripoli by boat, according to his statement.

Badi indicated as well that he doesn’t see Fayez al-Serraj as a leader with any credibility or power.

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