Libya’s state oil firm warns of environmental disaster as clashes rage on in oil region

Sidra oil port – (Photo: Internet)

Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) warned Saturday of an environmental disaster after clashes in its eastern Libya’s oil crescent region, where 34 people from both sides were killed according to local military and media sources.

The clashes caused damage to an oil tank in Ras Lanuf port, said NOC in a statement, without revealing details about its negative impact on the environment.

It called for the “unconditional and immediate withdrawal of the forces operating under Ibrahim Jodran to prevent an environmental disaster and further destruction of key infrastructure.”

NOC also warned that further damage to oil installations could have a huge impact on the Libyan oil sector and national economy.

“NOC also calls on all parties not to use the oil sector, NOC and associated petroleum facilities in a political game and to remove them from all possible conflict. Any act that endangers life and sheds Libyan blood should be condemned by all,” the statement said.

NOC evacuated all employees from the area. It was estimated that the attack caused losses of 240,000 barrels of oil.

The United Nations Support Mission in Libya condemned the attack, warning that “this dangerous escalation puts Libya’s economy in jeopardy and risks igniting a widespread confrontation.”

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