Libya’s Tawergha IDPs lament their below zero living conditions in Tripoli protest

Tawergha IDPs protest in Tripoli (Photo: Social Media)

Tens of the internally displaced persons from Tawergha took to the streets in the Libyan capital to condemn the lack of action of the Libyan authorities toward their round-the-clock suffering away from home.

Tawerghans demonstrated in Tripoli on Saturday holding slogans calling for their return to their city, from which they were driven out over six years ago.

The demonstration came after the IDPs from Tawergha had suffered many accidents and ill-treatment in the makeshift camps, tents and trailers they are peopling nowadays on the outskirts of Tripoli or in its neighborhoods.

Tawerghans were driven out of their city by Misurata armed forces shortly after Moamar Gaddafi was killed in 2011 for their support of him and their crackdown on the February revolution, especially their acts in Misurata city, which is some kilometers away from Tawergha.

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