Libya’s Tripoli government denies reaching unity of military agreement in Cairo


Libyan military officials meet in Cairo. (Archive)

Libya’s UN-backed government on Friday denied reports that an agreement to unify the army will soon be reached during the ongoing talks in Cairo.

“The Presidency Council of the Government of National Accord denies media reports and statements … about reaching a final agreement in the ongoing talks regarding unifying the military establishment,” the government said in a statement.

Any agreement must be in accordance with the UN-sponsored political agreement, and “most importantly the military establishment must be under an executive civilian authority,” the statement added.

Local media said a final agreement would be reached in Egypt’s capital Cairo next week to unify the Libyan army.

Since October 2017, Cairo has hosted extended meetings for Libyan military officers to unite the national army.

The eastern-based army announced in February that an agreement to unify the military under the auspices of the Egyptian authorities “is imminent.”

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