Libya’s UN Security Council Representative: Haftar’s Tripoli offensive shattered political process

Libya’s UN Security Council Representative. [Photo: Internet]
The Representative of Libya at the UN Security Council Al-Mahdi Al-Majirbi told member states that Khalifa Haftar’s “agression against Tripoli” has ended the hopes of all Libyans to go to elections and build a civilian state. 

Al-Majirbi added that the attack on Tripoli by Haftar’s forces had led to destruction of infrastructure, private and public properties and killing and injuring of hundreds as well as the displacement of tens of thousands on the outskirts of Tripoli.

He called on the Security Council to take up its responsibility and on the UNSMIL to find new ways for the upcoming negotiations and political process as what was before April 04 attack by Haftar’s forces won’t be the same after it.

“Tripoli offensive by Khalifa Haftar is a coup against legitimacy. This is the only description.” The UN Security Council Representative remarked.

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