MBC5 for Arab Maghreb countries except for Libya: Libyans call it racist

Spokesman for MBC. [Photo: Internet]
The spokesman for MBC, Mazin Hayek, sparked outrage on Libyan social media platforms after he said that the new channel MBC5 is aimed to reach Arab Maghreb countries but not Libya or Mauritania.

Hayek said MBC5 doesn’t want to reach the audiences of Libya and Mauritania, telling a Tunisian radio that the new channel cares about the audiences of Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria, saying if Libayns want to watch MBC5, they are free to do it.

These comments were met with great criticism and outrage by Libyans who took to media outlets and social media to denounce the behavior of the MBC spokesman.

Libayns considered this step is an international marginalization of Libya’s cultural and artistic presence, calling for boycotting MBC channels.

Libyan director Osama Rezg said that Hayek’s statement is racist and is a form of cultural terrorism and separatism.

“This is an attempt by MBC group to send a dangerous message that says Libya isn’t an Arab Maghreb country. It is a political act that aims to present Libya as an unstable country.” Rezg said in a TV interview.

MBC5 is a new channel that went on trial on air in late September. It is directed to the Arab Maghreb region, but excludes two main countries: Libya and Mauritania.

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