Member of Libya’s High Council of State announces forming Cyrenaica Society

Al-Sirraj meets with elders and dignitaries from Libyan Cyrenaica region. [Photo: Internet]
The member of the High Council of State (HCS) Ahmed Langi said the Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sirraj met in Tunisia on Wednesday with a number of delegates coming from Cyrenaica region and  all voiced rejection to the attack led by Khalifa Haftar against Tripoli.

Langi told Libyan Express that the delegation from Cyrenaica region and Al-Sirraj had agreed on forming Cyrenaica Society to become the only representative of the region in the political process that aims at ending the current crisis in Libya.

He also said that the newly formed society will meet with ambassadors from the European Union and other foreign countries to convey the rejection of Cyrenaica region of the current Tripoli offensive by Haftar.

Langi added that the Chairman and deputy chairman of the society will be roaming the Libyan cities and districts to get across the message of peace and reconciliation that is adopted by Cyrenaica and to voice rejection to the war led by Haftar.

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